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Our Eye Jewellery Collection - What does it Signify?

You may have noticed that 19 of our current 107 products contain eyes (just select the 'Eyes' filter from within the shop). But why are we making so many? The simple answer is that eyes are a trend within the global jewellery industry at present.


The Meaning

Historically, within many cultures and religions, it has been seen as a misfortune to receive an 'evil eye' glare from another person. Jewellery and talismans have therefore been traditionally created to protect against the evil eye often including other lucky elements such as the Hand of Fatima or elephants. Charms containing eyes can be seen when travelling to many countries (including Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt) and are often bought as tourist gifts.

The two colours most typically used are blue and light blue. Blue is the colour of good karma and positive energy to protect against the evil eye, whilst light blue is the colour of the sky and symbolises truth and therefore direct protection.


When Protection Meets Fashion

At ION Jewellery, we believe that one design doesn't suit everyone, and so we try to offer a variety of designs for each concept of jewellery. This is why you will also see a variety of Skulls and Jaguars on our website. Here are some more of our available Eye designs that you can buy right now: